RentMaster Web allows you to create your own web space and upload your vacant properties for all the world to see.  Adding a property to the web site is as simple as pressing a single button.  Removing it again is just as easy.  You are in complete control of your own web site.

Prospective tenants from all over the world can browse your web site 24 hours a day, and contact you if they see anything they would like to rent.

This functionality is built into the main RentMaster application version 5.0 and higher.

Key Benefits

  • This is a FREE service
  • Your business can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You could place a lot more tenants into houses in a very cost effective way.
  • You determine which properties to list on your web site and when.
  • Include pictures of your properties
  • There are no regional boundaries.  People in other towns or countries can view your properties.
  • Web space and email is very cheap.
  • Gain a competitive edge.  Set up your web site before your opposition does!

Here is a few ways you can use the RentMaster web facility at FindARentalHome to benefit you.  All of these options are free or inexpensive.

  • If you already have your own web site, and would like to utilise the power of the FindARentalHome property search facility in your web site, then you can do that using a web development technique called an iframe. For a sample, go to
  • Another idea is to embed the property list page using normal Frames. For a sample of this method go to this sample web page
  • Add your web address<YourCompany> to your email signature.
  • List your properties before they are vacant, and include the 'date available' which means you can find a new tenant before the current tenant moves out.
  • If you have company letterhead or business cards, add your web site address.
  • If you advertise in newspapers or magazines, include your web site address.
  • Load pictures against each property using the Admin section of the web site.
  • Include your company logo in your web site and include a welcome message to further advertise your business and what you can do for your clients.
  • If you are a property management company, you can choose to have your business included in the 'Submit' section of the web site.  People looking to add their property to the web site can see your business and may choose to contact you to find a tenant on their behalf.  This is free advertising for you.
  • Change the colour scheme of your web site to match your company's colour scheme.  Be careful choosing colours as some schemes may not come out as intended on the screen.

The special web site used by RentMaster to publish properties to the web is  or

When you register, you will specify your own company name.  For example, if your company was called Andrews Rentals, then you may choose to set up your company name as AndrewsRentals.  This means your customers can go to either or - you choose which one.  This domain name is for your use and for listing your properties.  You will also have a password to access your own online administration section.

To access this web site from inside the Rentmaster software itself, you will enter your new login name and password by going to the Maintenance menu, and choosing Options.

The property details screen in RentMaster has a special 'Web' tab.  On this tab you enter details about the property, which will be published to the web site (along with the description entered on the first tab).  To save typing, you can go to the Maintenance menu and choose Options to set up some default values such as your country or city or contact details.

Also on the property details screen, on the 'Web' tab, there is a button to add the property to your web site, and another to remove it again.  It is as simple as that.

On your web site itself, there is a special Admin section which you can use to modify your web site.  This includes changing the welcome message which is displayed when customers arrive, as well as loading your company logo and even changing the colour scheme of the web site to suit your company.

Signing up to start your web presence on FindARentalHome is easy.

First supply your current RentMaster license key.  If you don't know your RentMaster license key, then go to the Help/About menu option in RentMaster.  Then supply us with your preferred sub-domain name.  (e.g. if your sub-domain name is mycompany, then your full domain name would be or  An email will be sent to you when your web site has been established.


RentMaster License Key
Your new sub-domain name (Letters only - no spaces or punctuation)
Preferred domain extension
Your email address

For an example of how your web site could look, go to  To log into the admin section, use a login name of Sample, and a password of Sample as well.

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