RentMaster was written by a computer programmer who is also a landlord.  Because we use this software ourselves we have made every effort to make this program as easy to use and time saving as possible.
The first version of RentMaster was created in 1997 and was intended for our use only.  As time went by it was decided that other landlords could also benefit from the benfits we were receiving.
RentMaster is a division of First Byte Solutions Ltd.  The Managing Director of First Byte Solutions Ltd is Andrew Keat.

Andrew Keat Photo

Andrew Keat

Software Developer and Designer

BCom (Auckland)

Andrew is a fully qualified computer programmer. He has completed a BCom at Auckland University, majoring in Computers and IT, and also completing Accounting papers up to year 2. He is also a keen property investor, having purchased his first property in 1997, which is the same year RentMaster was born. When not work on the business or software development, Andrew is keen on motor sport.

Other projects designed, developed and marketed by First Byte Solutions Ltd include

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