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I have a boutique real estate and property management business in Sydney Australia and I have been using RentMaster since March 2006. The software, its features, ease of use and the level of support that I receive has more than exceeded my expectations and I would be happy to recommend it to anyone in a similar scenario to me. Furthermore RentMaster has assisted me to pass my recent statutory annual audit.

Jack Rosenstraus (Australia)

I have used multiple prop. mgmt. programs thru the years. The one I was using up until Y2K was all right, but it crashed then. After that I used something from Canada. It was OK, but a lot of accounting knowledge was presumed by the programmer. So, when I found your program, it seemed to meet all of our needs (we are not accountants, but r.e. investors). So, again, thanks for coming up with your program and for helping me with it, too.

Peggy N (Florida, USA)

Rentmaster is not only a unique product, but a unique company in todays times. We doubt that any property manager would be able to find software that works as well, covers as many bases, and is customisable to the level that Rentmaster is. On top of that requests for alterations and improvements to the software are actually actioned when they are possible! The team at Rentmaster, unlike many other software companies, answer queries and questions promptly and offer assistance far above and beyond expectations. Rentmaster is a fantastic product, at an unbeatable price, with full backup, support and service like we used to get in the good old days. You won't be disappointed!

Property Management Services (Akl) Ltd (Auckland, New Zealand)

I have been using Rentmaster for almost a year and have found it to be a great help. I manage six properties and the paper work was getting very tedious. Rentmaster eliminated paper journals and reduced my workload by 50 percent. At year end my tax prep will be cut from hours to one keyboard entry.

Lou Helfer (USA)

I have been running my properties on an regular accounting program for 2 years now. There was not a program out there that did both the accounting features and track my tenants and properties. Rentmaster is the perfect solution to small investors or large corporations, It does everything you need. most importantly, running accounting through each property separately, or you can even do a financial statement. It was the best investment I ever made, It has saved me so much valuable time. and the features are endless

M. Palumbo (Mid Atlantic USA)

I have been using RentMaster for almost 9 months on our rental is Great. The software is very well written and user friendly and the newsletter is great as well. Best part is the price is right.

John Ratliff (Georgia/USA)

This is the best rental program I have found. It is very user friendly and has so many neat extra things in there that you can do with the program. I really love all the reports that you can do by just clicking a button and everything is right there for you. This is the best rental program I have found with so many different reports and other great things you can do with it. And can't forget your very own free website. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is managing properties or a landlord.

Renee Schultz (United States)

I have been using Rent Master since July 2003 for the management of our properties and have found the software very useful, thank you!

K K (Australia)

I manage 14 units that I own. Rentmaster seems an excellent product and very easy to get around. I only just downloaded it a couple of days ago and already I am going fine with it

Bob D (Australia)

Thank you, the rentmaster package is excellent. If I can us it, you could consider it moron proof! Thanks.

Sean B (Australia)

Thanks for a great software package for Landlords. I find it brilliant.

Kelvin L (Auckland New Zealand)

I have been using another Property Management program for almost 2 years and it has had loads of problems. My husband has been on at me for 12 months just to try out RentMaster. After a disastrous time with the end of year accounts reports on the other program I reluctantly tried RentMaster. I am extremely impressed. I am still on the last days of the free trial but definitely will be purchasing the whole deal. The layout is different but it only takes a little bit of practice to get used to. The features are impressive but the support is out of this world. I have had a couple of problems setting things up, but have been able to email a question and literally remain at the computor and the answer has come back. We are full time, hands on landlords and this is a terrific program. It is going to make life so much easier for us. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a property management program that really does what it is supposed to do. Well done and a very big thank you.

Gwen (New Zealand)

I have been using Rentmaster for 2 years. I tried many other software trials, but nothing was as centralized and user friendly as Rentmaster. Also the company has been very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had about the software. I think this is a superb program and would recommend it highly.

Rhonda C. (Colorado, USA)

I am very happy with Rent Master. I have had several other very expensive property Management programs that were very complicated especially for a computer novice. I tried the demo for a couple of months and found Rent/Master to be easy to operate. I had a couple of problems, however, Andrew resolved them quickly via E-Mail. I own a 16 unit apartment building and have found that Rent/Master makes it easy to keep track of all my transactions on a monthly basis. Ihave purchased the permanent edition and recommend it to all.

R. Crosby (USA)

I own a medium sized property management company. I've tried a lot of different management programs. Rent Master is the absolute best, by far. It so easy to use that I can show anyone how to use the program in no time at all. Additionally, it provides every report I could possible need. This program is for everyone. Thanks RentMaster!!

Tony Lester (USA)

What a wonderful programme. Regular updates, great follow up service, approachable help desk, it makes my rental properties management so much easier. Absolutely A1, would recommend it to anyone, any time....... thanks!

Dianna Stallinger (New Zealand)

I got to learn about you guys through searhing Google. The thing about you is that you are fast and efficient service- wise. The software is so full of information and this helps you check all tentacles of my business.

Richard Williams (UGANDA-East Africa)

We have been using another foreign sourced package for six years, but after making the decision to change to Rentmaster last year we have not looked back. It's a big decision, to take on the work and learning required to change packages, but with the support for the old package comming from America, and not taking GST and other local issues into account, we decided a change to a locally sourced product was necessary to ensure ongoing support for our growing business. After now changing, we are coming to realise that Rentmaster is a truely superior product, in any case, Well done to Andrew and his team.. Thanks again for being so helpful during our change.

Garth Cutfield (Auckland)

Ever since I have been using this software, I feel a peace in me, which before was tangling with all sort of paper i have tried to master, but after I found out about this program, I have more free time for other activities I need to be doing, since this software does everything for my business. I do recommend this software to every landlord out there. Try it you will never go back. Jose Negron, Florida, USA

Jose Negron (Florida, USA)

I was thinking of writing some software to run my letting business when i came across rentmaster. i have trialled it and am very impressed, it is easy to use and does most of what i need. the price means it isnt worth my while messing about writing my own solution. in my opinion rentmaster is a good product at a reasonable price, i have already recommended it to friends who are trialling it too.

alison stokes (united kingdom)

I have recently started up a small property management divison, and have found Rentmaster to be everything I need. The online support has been great and when I have needed help they have responded almost immediately.

Dianne Matamana (New Zealand)

We run a medium rental business here in the UK and find Rentmaster very good, they are improving areas which were seen to be poor by constant upgrades, these can be easily uploaded, well done team, keep up the good work Terry

Terry Robinson (UK)

Have used Rentmaster for about a year and have found it very user friendly. Previous programs I used frustrated me and were time consuming. When I did need help, the support I received was A+.

Andrea Frost (Austraila)

Been using Rentmaster for a year now, best package available.

Sue McCabe (South Africa)

i have been using rentmaster since december 2002. my husband and i are private investors and have many properties. the rentmaster program is user friendly and works great for us!! rentmaster is constantly being upgraded and always seems to be a step ahead of our property management needs. the staff is always quick to repond to all questions, which i find very unusual for most soft ware support. keep up the great work!!!!

gwen (fl, usa)

I have used the Rentmaster Program for about 10 years now for my personal 7 rental units. I enjoy being able to keep the records straight and it works wonders at tax time. I would have a hard time doing without it. Andrew and his group are a pleasure to work with and have provided excellent support when I have had a problem or question....

Martin Glynn (LA,USA)

I was in need of a property management software package and tried several. Most were to complicated and difficult to use or did not have needed features. RentMaster has sent all updates, and answered all question that I have had. The price is more then reasonable for the package. A very satisfied customer.

Edward W (Maryland USA)

We only have one rental house, as it was my Father-In-Laws before he passed away. The Rentmaster software has made it very easy to manage the one property, I wish we had more. Keeping track of the rent, cash flow and being able to give an invoice to our tenant, makes the software all worth while. Thank you for the free updates as well.

John & Judy Ratliff (USA)

I operate a Property Management Company that specialises in long term and short term rentals. I have been using this system for nearly 2 years now and find it covers practically every aspect of my property management needs. It is also great to have regular updates of the system. My rental manager and myself find the system invaluable.

Helena Lewis (Cyprus)

I have been using RentMaster for years now and would just like to reiterate that it the best rental management software available with the most outstanding back up support.

Sue McCabe (South africa)

We have been using RentMaster for a number of years now, and to date I have not regretted it at any time. Before the decision was taken I did extensive research, and this one came out tops in all aspects. The support from Andrew is phenominal, even with the time difference... We look forward to many more years of being associated with this product.

Marelize van Rooyen (South Africa)

As a hands on landlord I required a Rental software package that would provide the needs to manage our property with eases. Secondly, a programme that gave support when temporarily out of the home country. After searching the Web, RentMaster provided just what I was looking for. Since operating RentMaster for over a year, I have found it easy to operate, and it is affordable. In addition the subscription to Rentrecall has been a great asset and see it as a environmental friendly tool. Thank you RentMaster.

M.Armansin (Australia)

We have been recommended by our webmaster that this software will ensure our property management services are made easier by intergrating this into our next website. We have made our observations and intend to use the features of the software in the near future.

andrew (Uk)

I have used Rentmaster for a number of years, and due to expanding our property portfolio I have just upgraded to the RentMaster Professional version. There are two aspects which form my recommendation for RentMaster. First is the excellent way the software works in providing me with instant control of all tenant weekly rent payments. There are numerous reports that provide instant information concerning the status of receipts, bank reconciliations, tenant arrears etc etc. One must not forget the Mail Merge facility for which custom built templates can be built that can be used in many ways to communicate to tenants, whether it be custom letters or monthly tenant statements etc. Secondly is when dealing with the company for any advice, guidance etc. Response to emails is only delayed by the time difference between UK and NZ! I have had a request for a special report produced within 3 working days. RentMaster are a first class company to deal with, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring a first class method of handling a property portfolio.

Peter Beresford (UK)

The rentmaster package was very helpful to me. You really did a good job with it. I can recommend it to everybody i know

Kai Niekammer (Germany)

After managing 4 investment properties manually for over 10 years, I am very happy to recommend this Rentmaster property management software, (so is my husband who is extremely happy he does not have to collate all the paperwork for each property at the end of the financial year). Rentmaster is very easy to use and navigate your way around.

Sharon C (Australia)

I selected Rentmaster after doing an exhaustive internet search for an affordable system that was versatile enough to handle our multiple properties. I have been using the system for well over 5 years and I think it is great. I am particularly happy about the regular updates to the software and the very fast response to any questions.

Glen Miller (Canada)

This piece of software is a master piece for me,it is and continues the best for me so far(at least for all my needs).Well done guys;John Maambo,Lusaka,Zambia.

John Maambo (Zambia,Africa)

Our company switched to the RentMaster program several months ago. We have over 50 units and are very happy with the ease of use of the program. It has enabled us to track the various aspects of our rental business and utilize many of the reports for monitoring. When we didn't locate a report that we find very useful to our operation, I was able to have it custom made for our program within days for a reasonable cost. The programmer was very attentive to helping me and making sure the report was exactly what we needed. We couldn't be happier with the program and the service.

Jill Luttmer (USA)

The software is easy to use and is loaded with great features. Is easy to set it up and manage your real estate investments. It has many useful reports that you can create for yourself and for your accountant. Great software!

George N Politis CPA (North Carolina USA)

Great program, we previously used PC Property Manager, (which could not be migrated to windows vista), and we have found Rent Master very easy and intuitive to use .

I Clark (New Zealand)

I have used Rent Master for several years and I find it to be great for tracking all my rentals. The number of forms and reports are great when it comes time to file your income tax forms. The information that you can store is unlimited. I would recommend this program to any one that has rentals. Thanks for your support. WILLIAM E OWENS


One Amazing service company. My name is Isaac Gikunju of Globewing Ltd. We are in Africa and I have found rent master company to be the best resort for our rental business. I am Highly grateful.

Isaac Gikunju (Africa)