Custom reports are free to download, but they are NOT supported. If you have an issue with a report, it will not be changed. These reports have been created to another customers specific requirements.  If the report you are looking for does not exist, let us know what you need and we may be able to create a custom report for you.  We charge for the development time required for custom report creation.

  Available Reports

Owner Profit and Loss

Similar to the standard owner profit and loss report except it prints one page per property.

Rent Summary Date Range

Similar to the NZ T41 Rent Summary report, except it allows a user defined date range and an optional note printed on it.

Tender Totals

Lists transactions either detailed or totals only, grouped by tender type.

Vacancy Rate

Lists the vacancy rate of properties during a defined date range.

Arrivals and Departures

List of who is coming and going for people who do short term bookings.

Payee Transactions

List of transactions grouped and totalled by payee name.

Owner Cashflow

Simple owner based cashflow report.

Short Term Balances Due

This report lists rent balances due for holiday home or short stay accomodation.

Rent Summary with Invoice No

The same as the original Rent Summary report, with a date range selection and one column removed, replaced with an invoice number column.

Expenses Per Property

This report contains the same basic content as the Expense Details report. However the report prints in landscape page orientation, and prints a new page per property. If this report is sent to email, it will create a new email for each property, and will insert the owners email address into the email. So this report is intended to be printed or emailed to the property owner.

Owner Statement Last Disbursement

This report looks the same as the Owner Statement (Envelope) report, except it prints all transactions from after the previous disbursement onwards.

Australian Tenancy Tribunal

This report is designed by the Australian Tenancy Tribunal. It provides rent payment and arrears information in a format they have suggested.

Check back for new reports which may appear. When new reports are made available a new blog entry will be created.