This report contains the same basic content as the Expense Details report. However the report prints in landscape page orientation, and prints a new page per property. If this report is sent to email, it will create a new email for each property, and will insert the owners email address into the email. So this report is intended to be printed or emailed to the property owner.

Download this report

After the file is downloaded, run the program to install it. The new report will be added to the Custom tab in the reports screen.

  Sample Output

Expense Details 345 South St

Best Property Management Ltd
PO Box 12-345
Print Date:29/12/2008Expenses From 1/04/2008 to 31/03/2009


29/04/2008104.62MiscSail City LocksmithsLocks changed at South St when tenant evicted.
3/05/200819.10MiscCleaning products and light bulbs
7/06/2008140.30RepairsWall paint - repaint interior
16/06/2008162.00Repairs 1234227Protech alarms - Fix alarm system
7/08/2008128.85Repairs  plumber
19/10/200820.00Misc  Tenancy tribunal cost
21/10/200875.00RepairsReplace missing garage door opener
17/11/20081356.83Misc 1234235Body corporate fee
Total : 2006.70