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I want to move my license to another computer
If you want to stop using the software on one computer, and start using it on another computer, you need to move the software and database across, and also unregister the first computer, and then register the second computer using the same license key.
1. Use the File/Database Maintenance menu option to backup your database on the old computer first.
2. Download the free trial version from the web site and install it on the new computer.
3. Once installed, use the File/Database Maintenance menu again on the new computer and choose Restore to recover the backed up database from step 1.
4. If you have any mail merge templates or previously generated mail files, those files will need to be manually copied across using windows explorer. The files are located in subfolders under the database folder. You can find the database folder by going to the maintenance menu and choose Options/Networking and click the Open Folder button. Copy the 'Templates' and 'Owner Templates' folder and any folder named after a person.

Once the new computer is successfully running, you can transfer the license across.
1. On the old computer, go to the help menu and choose About RentMaster. This will contain your 7 character license key. Write this code down. You can also obtain a copy of your license key by going to
2. To unregister, download this file and run this on the OLD computer. Note - you can only unregister one computer every 7 days. Once unregistered, the license key is free to be used on a different computer.
3. On the new computer, inside RentMaster, go to the Help menu and choose Enter License Key and enter the key from step 1.

How do I...?

How do I do my end of month procedure as a property manager.

How do I enter a tenant into the system who has been my tenant for a long time?

How do I get started.

How do I record rent income from the tenant.

How do I add additional rooms to a property profile.

How do I use the marketing module?

Error Messages

I get an error message ActiveX Error mentioning RichTx32

You do not have Microsoft Outlook correctly installed

Getting Started

How to I get started?

How do I handle apartments/flats?

What is Training Mode ?

I have old sample data. How do I delete the current database records and start again?

License Keys

I have lost my license key. Can I get another copy send to me?

I want to move my license to another computer

When attempting to activate the software, I got a status 202 or status 203 error.

I have purchased the software, but have not yet received my license keys.


Why cant I edit an item in the phone book?

Does RentMaster work on a Mac computer?

Owners and Fees

I charge my owners extra fees for repairs. How do I do this?


When is a property determined to have been sold?

What are the steps required to set up an apartment building in RentMaster?


How do I purchase RentMaster?

I have paid for the software, but it still tells me it is a trial version

Can I get a copy of my sales receipt?

How to I upgrade to a higher package with more properties?

How do I purchase an additional copy of the software

Do I need to purchase software updates


My computer has crashed. How do I reinstall my software?


How do I change the bitmap picture on the reports?

Why does my tenant not appear on the tenant list report?

Can the vacancy report display a date in future when the current tenancy will end?

I have just entered my tenants, but I cant see any transactions on my reports

Can I put my company name and phone number etc on the reports?

How can I make the reports look better when sent via email?


What are property codes or owner codes etc?

Every time we open rentmaster, it goes through the install process. Why is that?

My computer has died. How do I reinstall and get going again?

Can I use RentMaster on more than one computer?

How can I shift the data and license from one computer to another?

How do I change the currency symbol?

How do I change the date format from dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yy or the other way?

How do I add extra bank accounts

Can this software be used by multiple users on a network

Does RentMaster work on windows Vista

Can RentMaster handle properties in multiple countries/currencies?

What are the minimum system requirements?


How do I make a rent change for a past date

I am taking over a tenant from another property manager. How do I enter this tenant?

How is the paid to date and rent balance calculated


How to pay multiple expenses with one cheque?

How do I set up an automatic income/expense for something without a constant value?

I have just set up an automatic income/expense, but when I try to apply automatic nothing is applied. Why?

What is a rental period?

How do I refund a rent amount?

Can RentMaster print a receipt/invoice?

Can I import disbursements through the transaction import facility?

What is the best way to handle expenses paid by credit cards

How do I send my transactions to my accountant at the end of the year?

Can I transfer cash from one bank account to another?

Does the system handle GST or VAT

What if any impact to financial reporting will there be if we don't perform "Period End Procedures"

When importing transactions, if the mortgage payments include principal and interest, how do you handle those?

What happens when a tenant pays too much rent in advance?

Can I export my transactions into an accounting program?

How to I apply credit for rent

How do I handle bounced or NSF cheques

How does RentMaster handle `Section 8` tenants

How do I deal with fund transfers from one bank account to another?

We charge our tenants for `outgoings`. How do we handle this in RentMaster.

Download all questions as a PDF file