Version 11.6

Released 3 May 2015


- You can now disable the ability for certain staff members to edit or delete transactions. This is done by going to the Security/Operator Roles menu option, and disabling the last 2 items on the checkbox list. Note that transactions can still be viewed, but the save button has been removed so they cant be saved.


Version 11.5

Released 15 February 2015


- The expenses report, when printed to a CSV file, is now better formatted.

- When deleting a statement import rule, the list retains its previous sort order.

- Bulk disbursements has been made faster.


Version 11.4

Released 20 November 2014


- The transaction number is now visible on the cashbook screen. This is also the receipt number for people who print receipts.

- An issue with statement imports requiring double-selection of the income or expense group has been fixed.


Version 11.3

Released 5 July 2014


- You can now print reports directly to PDF files (excludes custom reports).

- You can now email reports as PDF files. These files are attached to the email (excludes custom reports).

- When applying import rules, transactions which are already completed or no longer in the red colour will not have the rules applied to those transactions.

- When generating owner based mail merge letters you can now choose to search by property to find the associated owner.

- For owner statements, the option to select a single owner by a combo box is available.


Version 11.2

Released 3 March 2014


- You can now mark a bank account as closed. Closed bank accounts will not be visible in the cashbook screen, however none of the transactions will be deleted. The account can be un-closed if required.

- Disbursed extra fees have been restricted so they can not be deleted or have their owner changed or their value changed, in order to retain the integrity of the related disbursement.

- The transactions by category report now has an option to group by property.


Version 11.1

Released 1 December 2013


- A new Tax Invoice 2 report has been created. This new invoice prints the next rent periods rent amount and extra charges (if automatic extra charges have been set up).

- A new Tax Details setting on the company details screen has been created. This should contain a caption something like 'GST Number : 123-456-789' or whatever is relevant in your country.

- Optionally, the Tax Details (mentioned above) can be printed on the top of all invoices and statements.

- Unique invoice and statement numbers are now printed on the top of relevant statement and invoice type reports.

- In the mail merge facility, when generating letters, you can now search for a person by entering part of their name into the new search box.

- The owner transaction summary report now has the option to print the report for all owners, one owner, or a selection of owners.

- When changing a tenants default inspector, any future inspections are also moved to the new inspector.

- The format of reports printed to HTML email has been improved.

- Very large screen resolutions were causing errors to occur. This has been fixed.


Version 11.0

Released 21 September 2013


- You can now send emails from RentMaster without needing to use Outlook with the new SMTP settings found on the Options screen.

- The date range filtering found on the reports and cashbook screen has been extended with the addition of 'Last 12 months'.

- The booking calendar is now sizable to allow up to 3 months of booking to be shown on the screen at one time.


Version 10.9

Released 05 June 2013


- You can now automatically split transactions during an import using rules, so you can split for example rent and an extra charge paid back.

- The managers summary report now has a tax column.

- On the tenant history report, when printing extra charge paymenrts, the expense group is put into the details column.

- The tenant list report now includes the tenants email address.

- If menu options are disabled in security, the overview screen now disables links which would enable access to those restricted areas.


Version 10.8

Released 23 March 2013


- You can now reprint a receipt from the income entry screen.

- You can now created extra charges in bulk on the extra charges list screen.

- In mail merge, you can now insert a date a specified number of days/weeks/months in advance of the print date e.g. print date + 14 days.

- For people who use pay Watercare water bills in New Zealand, a new special watercare screen has been created for quick extra charge creation.

- The rent status screen can be filtered by inspector.

- Mail merge generated attachments can now be edited and saved from the attachment screen.

- If a tenant has overpaid their account, the NZT41 Rent Summary report now has a small caption to indicate overpayment to avoid confusion.

- In mail merge, a new field for Next Period Start Date has been created.

- When adding a new room to inspections, you now have to option to include or exclude that room from all properties.


Version 10.7

Released 7 January 2013


- Owners can now be excluded from disbursements. This is useful if some properties are owned by the property manager or are not getting disbursements for some other reason.

- Owners that are marked as excluded from disbursements, are also excluded from the Managers Summary report.

- A new option has been added to the end of the Security Roles screen. This security option can be used to stop specific people from deleting owners, properties and tenants.

- The Tenant Invoice report, which prints next periods rent, now takes into account the tenancy end date and prints nothing or a reduced portion for the last period.

- In the Bank Reconciliation screen, if you enter a closing date, by default it will only 'tick' the transactions with dates within the end date specified. You can still manually tick or untick transactions afterwards.

- If you print the Owner Trial Balance report for a single owner, the Total Reserve at the bottom of that report now only applies to that owner.

- Transaction splitting when importing QIF files had errors. These have been fixed.


Version 10.6

Released 28 September 2012


- You can now split transactions when they are imported using the bank statement import function. Good for splitting rent and extra charges paid as a single amount.

- You can now create an automatic transaction which only gets applied once and is then deleted. Good for creating future loaded extra charges or extra fees.

- You can now add a description to your bank statement import rules.

- Closed properties now show (Closed) before their address.

- Closed properties and owners now appear at the bottom of the list, like with tenants.

- Mail merge generated letters can now be deleted from the tenants or owners screen on the attachments tab.


Version 10.5

Released 28 July 2012


- Many list screens have now got a new filter search box which searches on all content in all columns of the list.

- On the Extra Charges screen, a new print button has been added. This will print an invoice for a single extra charge.

- In the mail merge facility, which sending letters to email recipients, there is now an option to only list tenants who have an email address.

- In the Mail Merge facility, when generating tenant letters, the tenants property code is now also shown for information purposes.

- A new Date Add calculator has been created for calculating future dates e.g. today + 60 days.

- The last paid date and amount has been added to the Rent Arrears on the Overview screen.

- The Extra Charges screen is now resizable.

- When saving pictures in the Inspection screen, they are now set to 'View on' automatically.


Version 10.4

Released 8 May 2012


- There is now an option to print photos on the bottom of the inspection result report.

- The 'Link To' button on the owner details screen now links to work orders for just that owner.

- The work orders list screen now has the option to filter by owner.

- A new report called the Rent Roll report has been added. This is a simple report listing tenants and their current rent and balance.

- The Last Disbursement report now has a 'From Date' selection, so you can exclude owners whose last disbursement is prior to the date specified.

- On the report screen, where you can select a predefined date range, you can now choose to print a date range which is just Today.

- On the item association screen, you can now choose to exclude closed tenants and owners.

- The budget print report now excludes items which are zero actual and zero budget.

- If the bank reconciliation report is printed, and a single owner is selected, that owners name is printed at the top of the report.

- When doing a bulk disbursement, any owner with a zero value disbursement is now included, as long as the income or expenses or fees are not zero. Negative disbursements or an owner with no activity are still excluded.


Version 10.3

Released 8 March 2012


- You can now attach multiple files at once on the attachment screen. Optionally these files can also be copied to a central server location. This means you may be able to copy files off a camera and into RentMaster with one action.

- Attachments can now be added to work orders.

- A new Transaction List report has been created. This is the same format as pressing the Print button on the cashbook screen.

- On the tenant and property details screen, if you click the Link To button, you can now link to a list of inspections associated with that property or tenant.

- If you delete a rule from the statement rules screen, the cursor no longer jumps up to the top again.

- The rules window resize is now remembered when it is opened again.

- When an import rule was edited, and the notes or payee was changed, a new rules was being created. This will no longer happen.


Version 10.2

Released 18 December 2011


- Tenants can now make inline rent payments via credit card throught the web site.

- When importing bank statements, you can now choose to hide items which don't need attention.

- The import rules screen is now sizable so you can make it bigger to display more information.

- Custom fields can now have their display sort order changed.

- Description values have been added to the Automatic Extra Fees and Automatic Extra Charges screens.

- The rent status report sometimes displayed an incorrect last paid date and amount.

- Future rent changes are removed from the Future Rent Changes report for closed tenants.

- The inspection checklist report now handles larger attribute names.


Version 10.1

Released 8 October 2011


- A Google Maps button has been added to all addresses in RentMaster

- A new report called the Future Rent Changes report has been created.

- Owner attachments now automatically include generated mail merge letters.

- Item associations is now available for inclusion in the toolbar

- Transaction import rules are now sortable on all columns for easily finding previous rules.

- For the owner profit and loss report, if a single owner is selected, the owners name is printed at the top.

- The owner transaction summary report now wraps the automatic fees transactions if the description is too long to fit in the space provided


Version 10.0

Released 24 July 2011


- You can now add attachments to owners as well as tenants.

- A new option has been added to the owner details screen called 'This owner is disbursement tax exempt'.

- When using bulk disbursements, you can now add a reference and notes using the edit button prior to committing the bulk disbursements.

- On the tenant details screen, you can press the Link To button to go directly to the Tenant History report.

- On the Overview screen, closed tenants are again excluded from the arrears tab.

- When adding new tenants, closed properties are now excluded from the list of available properties.

- The rent paid report now works off a specific tenant, if one is selected, and not the property and date range which can overlap other tenants in the same property.

- The Exit window now has a cancel button in case people change their mind and no longer want to exit RentMaster.


Version 9.9

Released 25 April 2011


- On the cashbook screen, you can now choose to open the screen showing only a date limited number of transactions such as the current month or current financial year etc. This is set up by going to the maintenance menu and choose Options/Features

- A new Add Building function has been added to the property list screen. This creates a building and associated units automatically.

- The Rent Status screen and Overview screen are now a lot faster, particularly for people with a lot of tenants.

- The Monthly Arrears and Cumulative Arrears graphs now have a 6 month average line added.

- On the NZ T41 rent summary report, extra charge payments now show the name of the income group used to record the payment.

- A new version of the rent status report has been created. This one only prints closed tenants who are open for additional transactions.

- On the expense group screen, the management fee percentage has been changed from 2 decimal places to 3 decimal places.

- When using the print button on the tenant details screen, contact details were not all fitting on the page. The text now wraps around if it does not fit.

- On the owner details screen, the management fee percentage can now be entered either as a tax inclusive or tax exclusive percentage.


Version 9.8

Released 7 February 2011


- A new report has been created called the Move Out Balance Owing report. This report shows the total balance owing, including projected rent due up to the tenants end date.

- 3 new graphs have been created. 'Rent Paid vs. Due', 'Monthly Arrears' and 'Cumulative Arrears'. These reports can show interesting trends with your arrears problems.

- New print objects have been added to the mail merge facility. For tenant letters you can now print the rent review date. For owner letters you can print the fee value.

- The previous '10 days notice' mail merge templates have been replaced with the new '14 days notice' templates. This only applies to New Zealand customers. These can be downloaded separately.

- On the building transactions report, the building column has been made wider to fit longer building codes.

- The owner profit and loss report now ignores property selections. This is because disbursements are done per owner, not per property, so they cannot be split.


Version 9.7

Released 26 November 2010


- The Trust Account Audit Report and REINZ Trust Audit Report were both excluding disbursements as unpresented cheques if there were any. This is fixed.

- The OFX file import method of detecting duplicates has been enhanced to also check for duplicate dates.

- An error occurred in the Inspection Schedule screen if you filtered by inspectors name. This is fixed.

- When importing files, if a payees name includes a single quote character such as O'Connor, it would cause an error when creating rules. This is fixed.

- A few small report error messages have been found and fixed.


Version 9.6

Released 11 August 2010


- Mail merge letters which are viewed via the Attachments tab can now be emailed or printed without needing to go back into the mail merge facility.

- If Microsoft Outlook is not installed, the Send Email button on the contact details screen will now open the default email program on the computer. However you will still not be able to send mail merge or reports via email without having Microsoft Outlook installed.


Version 9.5

Released 11 July 2010


- Mail merge letters are now automatically added to the attachments tab for each tenant. Existing mail merge letters prior to updating are automatically included. The date of the letter is also shown.

- The Bond/deposit held report now has the Include Closed Tenants checkbox enabled. Closed tenants with a zero balance will not be shown.

- The bond/deposit held report now shows the bond amount required if the Detailed Report option is turned on.

- When generating automatic income and expense transactions, the transaction code is now shown as a separate column

- The contractors fax number has been added to the contractors work order print.

- Automatic income and expense transactions were automatically changing their bank account to the properties default bank account each time the automatic transaction was edited. This has been fixed.


Version 9.4

Released 8 May 2010


- The Pictures tab on the tenant and property screen has been renamed the Attachment tab, and now allows any file to be attached, and not just pictures.

- The contacts list which was added to the tenant screen last release has now also been added to the owners screen.

- The owners screen has been redesigned. The management fee has been moved to the first tab, a new contacts tab added, and the disbursement history has been added to the disbursements tab.

- When adding tenants or owners, it is now possible to enter the contact details for the primary contact without first needing to save them.

- The company details now allows more room to enter more information. However if the information is entered too long, it may not fit on the reports which cant be avoided.

- A new Trust Account Report has been added, which is the same as the REINZ Audit Report without the REINZ specific details.

- The daily late fee on the tenant screen is now hidden unless late fees have been enabled.


Version 9.3

Released 6 March 2010


- The tenant details screen now allows multiple contact names, each with their own phone and email details. A primary contact can be specified. During the upgrade, the currency tenant details will be entered as the primary contact.

- Automatic extra fees associated with an expense group can now be defined as a fixed value. The option to enter a percentage is still available. You can't specify both.

- A new Disbursement Preview report has been created which lists all the undisbursed transactions associated with an owner and show how a disbursement would be calculated if one was to be done right now. This can be used to diagnose a disbursement value which looks to be incorrect.

- The phone book and print button on the tenant details screen will print or show each contact as entered on the tenant details screen.

- A new feature has been added which enabled you to turn off functionality you don't use. This includes holiday homes, depreciation, disbursements, inspections and mortgages. During the upgrade, all options are turned on by default. Features can be turned on and off from the Maintenance/Options menu.

- Automatic fees and automatic extra charges will no longer generate for closed owners or tenants.

- The Rent Status report now has an option to filter by owner.

- The Trial Balance report now excludes closed owners who have a zero balance.

- During the last release, a change to the way the cashbook screen was updated means the running total was not being updated. This has been fixed.