Monthly Archives: September 2009

Coming in v9.1 - Date range filters on the cashbook screen

Posted on September 26, 2009

In version 9.0 we added the date range filter to the reports screen which allows you to quickly selected a predefined date range such as the last 30 days.

This has turned out to have been a popular addition.  We have now also added the same feature to the Cashbook screen so when you use the filter button, the transaction date range filter can use the same predefined date range.

Coming in v9.1 - Extra charges to closed tenants

Posted on September 26, 2009

At the moment you can close a tenant, and indicate that the tenant should still be left open for additional transaction entry.  This is typically done when a tenant owes rent when they leave.

In version 9.1 you will also be able to create extra charges against tenants who are closed, but still open for additional transactions.

RentRecall Database Upload

Posted on September 20, 2009

The method of uploading files to the web site has changed to allow larger files to be uploaded with less problems.

For those people who are currently using the web site, if you have a large database, you might want to consider downloading and installing the new version from here

The old method of uploading is still available and will continue to work.

For those that are interested to know, the old method of upload is via a web service.  The new method of upload is via FTP.  Property inspection photos will continue to be uploaded via web services.

RentMaster Version 9.0 has been released

Posted on September 5, 2009

Version 9.0 has arrived.

You can download this update by going to the help menu inside RentMaster and choose Download RentMaster Update.  If you have any problems downloading the update automatically, you can also download it manually from

Main Highlights

In the report screen, the date range selection has been enhanced with a list of predefined date ranges e.g. this month, last month etc. After selecting one of these options, the from and to dates will change to match the selected option.

What else is new?

  • A print button has been added to the tenant details screen which will print all tenant details including notes.
  • On the options screen, the user can define the number of days prior to lease expiry that the notification will appear on the events screen. The same applied to rent review dates and vacant property days.
  • When creating a tenant with a weekly rent period, you can specify what day of the week the rent is paid. This will potentially create a short first week.
  • A new Quick Start Wizard has been created and can be downloaded from . This should only be used by new customers as it will delete or overwrite existing data.
  • Last 10 backup failures in Vista have been addressed.
  • On the owner list report, the space allocated for the email address has been made a bit bigger.