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Marketing of rental properties enhancement

Posted on November 26, 2008

There are plans to enhance a future version of the software to cover the area of marketing vacant rental properties.  This has came about by the great responses we have had since the Vacant Handout report was created a few versions ago.

What we are looking for is your assistance.  We need to know what you want.

So think about what you do with your vacant properties, and see if there are any ways the software can be enhanced to help you complete these tasks quicker and easier.

We have already received a few emails based on the last newsletter which is great - thanks to those people.  Or even if you have a suggestion completely unrelated to property marketing, let us know.

Drop us an email by going to the web site and choose Contact Us, or add a comment to this blog.  This is your chance to have your say.


Version 8.5 has been released!

Posted on November 15, 2008
RentMaster version 8.5 has been released and is available now

These are the key highlights.

  • The Tenant details screen now allows you to add pictures just like the property details screen.
  • The Link To button on the tenant and owner details screen now allows you to quickly send a TXT/SMS message to that person.
  • The Link To button on the property details screen now links directly to the work orders for that property.
  • If a transaction amount or property associated with a transaction is changed, and the transaction has already been disbursed, a warning message will now be shown.
  • You can now export the Ledger Transactions report to a CSV file, and it will output all items on the same line instead of splitting into 2 lines like it does when it is printed.
  • The income entry screen now shows the tenants current rent amount after selecting a tenant.
  • Important notification blog posts will pop up automatically inside RentMaster if the blog reader is on.
  • Also other minor changes included in this release include...

  • On the contractor list screen the filter combo box was not working. It is fixed.
  • If a tenant moved in part way through the month with monthly rent frequencies, the rent amount due in the first rent period was out by 1 day.
  • When the software is uninstalled, an optional browser survey is shown so we can better know how to improve the software for these customers.
  • The tenant statement report, which prints next months rent in advance, was not taking into account a future pending rent change.
  • When the automatic software update is run, it now downloads and stores the install file in windows temp folder, because Windows Vista sometimes blocks access to the RentMaster folder
  • When the Print Date is printed on the owner mail merge, the date was shown in a short date format such as DD/MM/YY instead of the longer format shown everywhere else. It now prints the longer format.
  • Coming in 8.5 - Pictures of tenants

    Posted on November 8, 2008

    RentMaster has had the ability to add pictures to a property for quite a while.

    In version 8.5, you will also be able to add pictures to tenants in exactly the same way.  This can be used to store an identifying picture, or a scan of their identification details or pictures obtained during a property inspection or whatever you want to record.

    Coming in 8.5 - Quick work orders

    Posted on November 1, 2008

    The work order list screen already has a filter combo box which allows selection of a property, which only shows work orders relating to that property.

    In the coming version 8.5 you can now use the Link To button on the property details screen to get to the work orders with that combo box preselected so you can quickly see all work orders for a particular property.

    In addition to this, if the filter combo box has a property selection, then pressing the Add button will open the work order details screen with the filter property already preselected, although you can still change it if required.

    Hopefully these changes will save you a few more second each day.  They all add up.