Monthly Archives: September 2011

Coming in v10.1 - Automatic extra fees on statements

Posted on September 29, 2011

Extra fees can be automatically generated as a result of creating an expense, whose expense group has a fee percentage or fee value set against it.

When these fees are printed on the owner transaction summary report, they include the expense group code and the property code as part of the description.  If the property code and/or expense group has a long code, and if tax is also printed on the statement, the amount of room on the report is sometimes not enough and the descriptions overlap each other.  From version 10.1 the description will now wrap onto the next line below if there is not enough space.


Coming in v10.1 - Item associations in the toolbar

Posted on September 29, 2011

The toolbar feature of RentMaster allows oyu to add your favourite menu options to the toolbar along the top of the screen.

In the next version 10.1, we will add Item Associations, which is one menu which was missing from the available list.  By default this will not be included in the toolbar, can could be added by going to the maintenance menu and choose Toolbar.

Coming in v10.1 - Owner attachment letters

Posted on September 29, 2011

In the last version of RentMaster we added attachments to the owners screen.

In the next version 10.1, this will be extended to also automatically include letters generated as part of the mail merge facility.  This feature has been available for tenants for a while, so we have now added it to owners as well.

Coming in v10.1 - Easier import rules

Posted on September 29, 2011

For people that use the bank statement import function, the rules feature makes the whole process a lot faster and less error prone.

However after a while you end up with a lot of rules, and some become obsolete or in need of modification.  So in version 10.1 of RentMaster we will make finding old rules a bit easier.  All columns in the rules table are now sortable by clicking the column heading.  Also we have added the Property as a column and the Tenant as a column.  Of course those columns are sortable too.