Monthly Archives: February 2012

Coming in v10.3 - Add Bulk Attachments

Posted on February 12, 2012

Currently attachment files are added to RentMaster one at a time.

With version 10.3 of RentMaster, you will be able to select multiple files from any location, and attach them all at once.  You could select a range of files from your camera if you camera is attached.

Prior to importing the files, you can enter a description of what each file is.  To assist with this, selecting one of the files will shows its picture on the screen, or you can open the file if it is a Word Document or a PDF file etc.

There is also the option of automatically copying the files to another folder prior to attaching it to the tenant or property.  This is useful if you want to select multiple files on your camera, and have them copied to the local computer or a network server so the files can still be referenced after the camera has been disconnected.  This is a task you would probably already perform manually when attaching files one at a time using the old system.

Coming in v10.3 - Attachment on work orders

Posted on February 2, 2012

In the coming version 10.3 of RentMaster, you will be able to attach files to work orders, just like you can attach files to tenants and properties etc.