Monthly Archives: April 2010

Coming in v9.4 - Disbursements on the Owners Screen

Posted on April 28, 2010

To access the list of previous disbursement transactions, you go to the disbursement menu option.

From version 9.4, you will also be able to see previous disbursements directly from the owners screen.  This will make it easier to analyse a single owners past disbursement history.  From the owners screen you will also be able to delete or edit these past disbursements.  Adding disbursements is still done from the regular disbursements screen.


As a result of this change, as well as the change adding multiple contacts, the owners screen has been rearranged quite a bit.  The contact details has been removed from the front page and has been added to a new Contacts tab.  The management fee details has been moved from the disbursement tab and added to the front page where the contact details were.  And the list of previous disbursements has been added to the disbursements tab.

Coming in v9.4 - Fixed Missed Rent Report

Posted on April 28, 2010

The Missed Rent report allow selection of an owner.  However that selection does not do anything.  Oops.  This is fixed in version 9.4

Coming in v9.4 - Longer company names

Posted on April 25, 2010

The company name and address as entered in the Customize screen has been enlarged.  The fields were previously limited to 40 characters.  This has been extended to 80 characters.  However come company names which contain multiple wide letters such as 'W' may not fit on the reports.  Individual users will need to experiment with the reports and adjust their name and or address to fit.


Coming in v9.4 - Trust account reconciliation

Posted on April 25, 2010

In the current version of RentMaster there is a report called the REINZ Trust Audit report.  This report is designed to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand specification.

In version 9.4 of RentMaster, a new report is being created called the Trust Account Audit report.  This report has exactly the same output as the REINZ version of the report, except all reference to the REINZ has been removed.  So this report can be used by anyone who wants to run the report.

Coming in v9.4 - Easier to add first tenant contact

Posted on April 25, 2010

In the last release of version 9.3, a new feature was added which allows multiple contacts to be created against a single tenant record.

The problem with this new feature was you needed to create and save the tenant record before you could start adding contacts, which meant saving and closing the tenant screen, and then opening it again to add the contacts.

In version 9.4, the contacts tab of the tenant details screen will enable you to enter the first primary contact details when adding a new tenant.  When the tenant is saved, those details will be added to the contact list automatically.  If you want to add additional contacts, you will still need to reopen the tenant details screen again.

Coming in v9.4 - Multiple Owner Contacts

Posted on April 25, 2010

In the last version 9.3 of RentMaster a new contacts feature was added to allow multiple contacts to be recorded against a single tenant record.  This new feature was very well received by existing users.   Thanks for your feedback!

In version 9.4 this is being extended to allow multiple contacts to be recorded against a single owner record.  To make things easier when adding the owner for the first time, the system will enable you to enter the details of the primary contact only prior to pressing save.  After the owner is saved, multiple additional owner contact details can be added.

Coming in v9.4 - Attachments

Posted on April 25, 2010

In previous versions of RentMaster, you had the ability to add pictures to tenants and properties and inspections.

In version 9.4 this has been extended to allow you to add any file type.  So the Pictures tab has been renamed the Attachments tab.  This allows you to attach a copy of the lease agreement or documentation about a 10 day notice as well as pictures.  Any file type can be added.

If the file is detected as a picture file, it will still display the picture on the screen the same as before.  If the file is not a picture, an Open button will be displayed instead.  This will allow you to easily open the file in whatever program is appropriate.  For example, if the file is a PDF file, clicking the open button will open the Adobe Acrobat Reader to display the PDF file to you.  This is all dependent on there being a suitable program already installed on your computer for opening the specified file type.

If the file is attached to a property, the checkbox option to include the file in marketing will only be enabled if the file is an image.  If the file is attached to a property inspection, the option to include on will also only be enabled for image files.  Image files are file names that end with .gif, .bmp or .jpg.


Coming in v9.4 - Hide late fees

Posted on April 21, 2010

In RentMaster the late fees feature can be turned on or of depending on whether or not you choose to apply late fees.  In some countries such as New Zealand is not legal to charge late fees.

In version 9.4, the late fee text box on the tenant details screen will be hidden until the option to charge late fees are turned on.  This should help avoid some confusion, and tidy up the screen for those that have no use for it.