Monthly Archives: September 2013

Version 11 has arrived

Posted on September 26, 2013
You can download this update by going to the help menu inside RentMaster and choose Download RentMaster Update. If you have any problems downloading the update automatically, you can also download it manually from


What's New?


- You can now send emails from RentMaster without needing to use Outlook with the new SMTP settings found on the Options screen.

- The date range filtering found on the reports and cashbook screen has been extended with the addition of 'Last 12 months'.

- The booking calendar is now sizable to allow up to 3 months of booking to be shown on the screen at one time.

Coming in v11 - Wider booking calendar screen

Posted on September 21, 2013

The booking calendar screen previously showed by default one month at a time.  From version 11 you will be able to resize the window to show up to 3 months at a time instead.

Coming in v11 - Send emails without outlook

Posted on September 21, 2013

RentMaster has had the ability to send emails using outlook for quite a while.  From version 11, for people who dont have outlook, you can now send emails directly to your SMTP email server.

This means the email will be sent automatically without any user interface being shown.  

A default email address is required so that if the receipient does not have an email address, the email will be sent back to you instead so you are aware of the email not being sent.