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Case Study : Adding vacant properties to YOUR web site.

Posted on August 3, 2011


Showing your vacant properties online has always been good for your property management business.  It helps to convey a professional image for your business.  Owners like to see their properties are being marketed and tenants find their dream home easier.

That was the exact scenario Anyos Gonczy of Inspire Property Management was in when he came to us seeking to add their vacant properties to their web site directly from RentMaster.

Anyos wanted a professional looking web page which integrated neatly into their existing web site, with the ability to add and remove properties easily.

At RentMaster, we had the facilities to upload to other web sites like the web site, but Anyos wanted something better.  So we custom created a package for Inspire Property Management, and the results can be seen on this web page

We were able to use the same colour scheme and font as used throughout the rest of their site.  We also enabled them to upload multiple pictures which can be viewed by clicking on the first picture for each property.

'Andrew, I am so happy with this new feature!!!!' was the response from Anyos when he got to see the end results.

If you have a web site and want to see your vacant properties listed, drop us a line, and we will see if you can put together a custom package for you too.